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pp-jobs-dialog: Modernize the UI

In pp-jobs-row

  • Port to AdwActionRow
  • Add tooltips to all buttons and make them flat
  • Set the state label as a suffix widget and add the .dim-label style class to it

In pp-jobs-dialog

  • Port to AdwDialog (#2952)
  • Use AdwPreferencesPage, AdwPreferencesGroup and AdwStatusPage
  • Remove the .view style class
  • Add .boxed-list style class to the jobs list box
  • Add mnemonic to the "Clear All" button
Before After
Screenshot_from_2024-04-11_20-44-07-obfuscated Screenshot_from_2024-04-12_03-33-42-obfuscated
Screenshot_from_2024-04-11_20-44-14-obfuscated Screenshot_from_2024-04-11_20-43-38-obfuscated
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