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Draft: Introduce the base for the Network & Internet panel

Felipe Borges requested to merge network-and-internet-panel-base into main

These changes are the base for the Network & Internet panel that groups Network, Wifi, Cellular settings. Mockups

The way I am doing the changes is to make the review process easier. So I'm avoiding doing modernization ports or changing any logic. The goal is to move things around and re-style to get to a starting point that is closer to the Network & Internet mockups.

On top of that we can start changing each page, etc...

Here's a preview video


Design Questions:

Multiple network devices

When there's one ethernet/wifi adapter we can have rows like "Wi-Fi" or "Wired" (just like the mockup). But with multiple ethernet connections or multiple wifi adapters we need to differentiate them. Currently the Wi-Fi panel will use a device name to differentiate. So this could end up looking like this:




Same for network interfaces in the bottom page. When there are more than one I will make a list-group and name the group "Wired"


Where do we expose the option to create a new connection?


I can make it at the bottom of the list too:


Wi-Fi Hotspots are specific to a connection/device

So if we are to have this option on the top level page of the panel, the hotspot page needs to have an option to select which device/connection is being shared. Alternatively we can keep the WiFi hotspot option inside the Wi-Fi page as of now.

I will update this as questions emerge. 😄

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