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sharing: Fix the networks section from the File/Media Sharing dialogs

  • Remove the "Networks" title from CcSharingNetworks and only use the titles from the AdwPreferencesGroups

  • Remove the margins from CcSharingNetworks, since AdwPreferencesGroup already has margins

  • Remove unused spacing properties

  • Replace the Media Sharing GtkGrid with a GtkBox, like in the File Sharing dialog, and separate the networks and folders section into their own AdwPreferencesGroups

  • Remove an unnecessary GtkListBox. It was added[1] in order to make the "Require Password" and "Password" rows to have the boxed-list style. Since the dialogs from Sharing panel started to use AdwPreferencesPage/Group[2], this GtkListBox is no longer necessary.

[1] 9a15a48d [2] 45a5a1e0

Before After
Screenshot_from_2024-01-30_23-14-39-obfuscated Screenshot_from_2024-01-30_23-12-39-obfuscated

Closes #2818 (closed)

Edited by 𝅳Automeris naranja

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