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Allow searching and launching subpages of a panel

Felipe Borges requested to merge wip/search-subpages into main

This is an initial implementation of a mechanism to allow search and activating individual pages of a panel.

This allows:

  • Searching for a subpage, ex. "Location", and seeing a result
  • Clicking the result will stack the "Location" subpage on top of the main navigation view
  • Clicking away to another panel will pop the subpage away from the navigation view.


To test this make sure you run sudo ninja install to install the desktop files that are used for the search here.

For now I made it work only for the Privacy subpages but it would be trivial to make it work for subpages in System and other places as well with the same concept.

This also works from the command-line gnome-control-center thunderbolt should open the subpage the same way as a search result.

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