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user-accounts: user avatar dialog

I started the implementation of the User Avatar Dialog mockup[1]. I marked't as a draft because there are tasks to do.

To do:

  • change user avatar popover for a window (figure 1);
  • replace crop area dialog for a window (figure 2). Fixed #2515;
  • shows check icon, when select picture in provided images (figure 3);
  • add more custom pictures and shows check icon (figure 4). For users who are administrators and want to change a photo of another user, it will not be possible to choose a custom image, only the images provided by the system (figure 5), see commit !1869 (9f2ceb1e)


Figure 1 Captura_de_tela_de_2023-08-01_07-33-58
Figure 2 Captura_de_tela_de_2023-08-01_07-34-46
Figure 3 image
Figure 4 Captura_de_tela_de_2023-09-20_14-41-48
Figure 5Captura_de_tela_de_2023-09-20_14-35-34

Refs: [1]

Edited by Marcos Miller

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