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region: system region might be null, fallback to system language

Per get_effective_region fallback comment: Region setting might be empty - show the language because↲ that's what LC_TIME and others will effectively be when the↲ user logs in again.

When the default language is the same as the region and is not the default for GNOME Settings (ie en_US.UTF-8) the region panel shows the GNOME Settings default format (en_US.UTF-8) instead of the set default language (here fr_FR.UTF-8).

That is cc-region-panel.c system_region is null when the system_language and the system_region format are both set to fr_FR.UTF-8. And then the region panel shows the system region as en_US.UTF-8 (United States) in the panel UI insterad of fr_FR.UTF-8 (France). This as this is the current fallback for when system_region is null. Make use of get_effective_region routine to fix this issue.

Fixes: #1791 (closed)

Edited by Alban Browaeys

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