New sound output test design

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This PR implements the new output test window as defined in the mockups in #2046.

Missing things:

  • Update subwoofer icon
  • Add missing icons for "front_left_of_center" and "front_right_of_center"
  • Add handling for mono audio (I need a design for that)

Fixes #1305 (closed), #1315 (closed) and #1726 (closed).


Screenshot_from_2022-12-17_00-46-03 Screenshot_from_2022-12-17_00-45-15


Screenshot_from_2022-12-17_22-52-15 Screenshot_from_2022-12-17_22-52-09


Screenshot_from_2022-12-17_22-51-51 Screenshot_from_2022-12-17_22-51-46

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