wacom: Refresh UI

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Update UI to match https://gitlab.gnome.org/Teams/Design/settings-mockups/-/blob/master/wacom/wacom-settings.png better. Some exceptions/caveats:

  • Button mapping is notoriously missing from the mockup, this is still delegated on GNOME Shell's pad OSD.
  • Mockups were missing an action to calibrate the tablet, I added one where I saw fit.
  • Added an "Automatic" option to display mapping, this ATM has to be separated to let GNOME Shell apply its heuristics.
  • I quite made up the tablet/stylus descriptions
  • Focus ring on stylus proximity is not implemented
  • Monitor number OSDs is not implemented either
  • Tip/eraser pressure sliders are silently still divided in 6 steps, even though they look continuous
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