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Port to GTK 4: II

Maximiliano requested to merge msandova/gnome-clocks:gtk4 into master

Continuation of !156 (closed).


  • Debug errors bellow
  • More testing
  • Check if the interval var passed in !187 (4879ebe1) is correct
  • Cleanup the first commit
  • Do a CSS cleanup, many classes are unused or imitate classes that are now in libadwaita
  • Maybe restore --enable-experimental-non-null see #214
  • App does not close on exit (Seems to be intentional)

On startup there are errors

(org.gnome.clocksDevel:2): GLib-CRITICAL **: 15:41:32.678: '' is not a valid GVariant format string

(org.gnome.clocksDevel:2): GLib-CRITICAL **: 15:41:32.678: g_variant_new_va: assertion 'valid_format_string (format_string, !endptr, NULL)' failed
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