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    qemu: add device provider for cross-architecture emulation · a988ff10
    Christian Hergert authored
    If qemu-user-static is installed, and we detect support from binfmt to run
    non-native binaries, we can allow the user to select an alternate
    architecture to do a native cross-build. This means that you're building
    for another architecture, but instead of a cross-compiler, you're using
    a native compiler runding under CPU emulation.
    Not all build-systems/runtimes support this, and in the future we'll need
    to improve the situation by warning the user about non-sensical setups.
    However, if you're using flatpak, this allows us to install an aarch64 or
    arm runtime and build against it (and run the result).
    For the arm/flatpak case, you'll need to use 3.26 since the master SDK is
    not available on the updated sdk build hosts. *womp womp*.
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