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    subprocess: add a meson option to set PATH to run build commands · 258ca45a
    Ting-Wei Lan authored
    The previous commit unconditionally adds /usr/local/bin to PATH on
    FreeBSD. It should work for most people, but the maintainer is still
    required to patch the hard-coded /usr/local to the prefix chosen by
    users because it is not possible to change the value after the build.
    Since each operating system organizes its files in a different way, we
    cannot expect a single PATH value to work on all operating systems.
    This commit sets PATH for the four major BSD systems to the default
    values used by their /bin/sh shell when PATH is unset with directories
    including sbin in their names removed. It also add a meson option to
    allow the package maintainer to set a different value without patching.
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