grep+terminal: Use a distinct shortcut for grep panel and terminal search

Merged Vanadiae requested to merge Vanadiae/gnome-builder:find-in-files-format-shortcuts into main

Currently the Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F shortcut used to show the grep panel conflicts with the "format document" one, so this commit switches instead to one of the few *F shortcuts: Ctrl+Shift+F. Since the terminal page uses Ctrl+Shift+F too for its search bar (as Ctrl+F is reserved for terminal programs such as Emacs), let's switch it to Shift+Alt+F for the terminal search bar.

Fixes #2031 (closed)

I haven't tested yet as it's still rebuilding Builder and its dependencies entirely, so I can't check if it's the case, but can you confirm that now shortcuts in the shortcuts window are taken directly from keybindings.json (instead of manually making the UI file)? I haven't found the UI file like previously, with the GTK 3 port.

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