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Support out-of-tree flatpak extensions

Matt Jakeman requested to merge firox263/gnome-builder:flatpak-extensions into main


Following up on an earlier conversation on #gnome-builder, I've created a minimal example of how Builder could support out-of-tree flatpak extensions.

This MR extends the existing support for out-of-tree python extensions to support compiled languages as well.

The main changes are:

  • Splits out libide-* into a gnome-builder shared library which extensions can link against.
  • Provides header and pkgconfig files inside the sandbox so they are accessible to extensions.
  • Fixes some misc issues with some header files not being installed correctly.

Please see firox263/builder-flatpak-extension for the other half of this equation. It is an example extension which links against the gnome-builder shared library in this branch. For a more complicated example, see builder-csharp which is an attempt to integrate a language server in this manner.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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