project-tree: Reveal left dock when using "Reveal in Project Tree"

Currently if the left dock (where the project tree lives) is hidden, then using the Reveal in Project Tree feature won't make it reveal from the side, which is annoying because if you want to reveal a file in the project tree then you'll surely want to actually see it, which isn't the case here as the dock isn't revealed. It means you need to press F9 to manually reveal it instead of having it done automatically.

So this commit removes this annoyance by revealing the left dock when revealing a file in the project tree.

There's also a typo commit that I had laying around in my source tree.

I'm not terribly happy that the project tree reveals its parent dock by itself, but that at least prevents some signals round-trip between the project tree object and the way it's instanciated in the sidebar in gbp-project-tree-workspace-addin.c. But if you prefer I can setup a file-revealed signal and connect it there.

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