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Color picker improvements

Vanadiae requested to merge Vanadiae/gnome-builder:color-picker-stuff into master

Those commits changes the eyedropper icon to a better one, and use libportal for color picking.

I'm wondering, since this plugin is enabled by default, if it shouldn't actually always do it's work too (which is to highlight colors encoded as #abcdef or rgb(r, g, b)) ? Because currently you need to enable Highlighting > Highlight colors under the right click menu of an editor page, which seems strange since if you don't want it disabling the plugin would do the same thing. It's a bit of a pity that it is hidden as it's very handy/useful . Now if this checkbox goes away, the behaviour of the right-side color picker pane must change, since previously when this checkbox was ticked the panel was always shown (with the colors highlighted in the source view), which is not desirable. So what I had as idea was that colors should always get highlighted if the plugin is enabled, and when the cursor is on the color the panel gets shown on the right (and it hides when the cursor is no longer on a color). Does this sound right ? (to know if I make a commit for it or not)

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