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Add BuildStream plugin

This branch aims to add initial support for the BuildStream project.

Currently this offers very basic support for loading a BuildStream project and running the buildsystem via the "build" or "play" buttons, with output via the embedded terminal.

Things i think that are missing from this plugin:

  • There is currently no way to select what element you would like to pass to BuildStream to build, as BuildStream supports the format "bst build foo.bst", it would be nice to have a way to select which file should be built when clicking the "build" button. for example in the gnome-build-meta project, it should be possible to just build gtk+.bst instead the whole stack.
  • There is currently no way to "export" the correct project file from Builder, as BuildStream has the ability to export multiple different outputs, such as a Docker containers, Flatpak or snap, each one of these formats would have a corresponding .bst file that could be passed to export.

This is my first Builder plugin/contribution and i do not feel it offers everything that is needed, i would appreciate any feedback on how i could improve the current plugin and also how i could approach solving the two problems listed above.


I have created a very minimal BuildStream project here:

You must have BuildStream installed on your host system.

To test the plugin, simply clone that repository and load it into Builder, the plugin should then detect the project as a BuildStream project.

The current functionality is to default to the default build command in BuildStream, which can be called via the "Play button" or the "Build" button in the Builder UI.

The output should then be displayed in the Builder terminal.

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