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    libide/core: introduce global cache root with project overrides · ce00a89f
    Christian Hergert authored
    This introduces a new GSetting for a "cache root" other than the previous
    .cache/gnome-builder/ (or XDG equivalent). You may set the default for all
    projects (/home/user/Projects/Builds for example) and it also allows for
    per-project overrides should that be necessary.
    This may help in situations where you want to want to ensure your build
    artifacts are on faster/slower/unmirrored/etc storage than your home
    We may want to followup on this because there are a couple things which
    could still be addressed further.
     * Flatpak SDKs could be moved here (moving our entire installation
       into this directory). It would be nice if we could actually move the
       installation into place, but I'm not sure if that will actually work
       once we have composefs type things for OSTree.
     * We may want to choose a default for this such as
       ~/Projects/.gnome-builder or something like that.
    Fixes: #1600