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generate GNOME flatpak runtimes

Abderrahim Kitouni requested to merge abderrahim/flatpak-sdk into master

Initial version of the flatpak runtimes.

Some notes:

  • This uses the flatpak_image plugin from bst-external.
  • I've tested Nautilus. It builds and works fine except for gvfs. (that was a stupid mistake, fixed since)
  • Some manual tuning may still be needed for what should be sdk-only.
  • The following elements have been moved from core/ to sdk/:
    • adwaita-icon-theme.bst
    • glib-networking.bst
    • gnome-themes-extra.bst
    • gsettings-desktop-schemas.bst
    • gvfs.bst
    • yelp.bst
    • (all of the above were in meta-gnome-core-shell.bst except yelp which was in meta-gnome-core-utilities.bst

To build

bst build flatpak-runtimes.bst

mkdir runtimes

for runtime in platform{,-locale} sdk{,-debug,-docs,-locale}; do
  bst checkout flatpak/$runtime.bst runtimes/$runtime
  flatpak build-export --files=files repo runtimes/$runtime next

This should produce an ostree repository at repo from which you can install:

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists --user --no-gpg-verify test-repo repo/

flatpak install --user test-repo runtime/org.gnome.Platform//next
flatpak install --user test-repo runtime/org.gnome.Sdk//next

To build an app with this sdk, simply set the runtime-version to "next".

Closes #16 (closed)

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