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Disable "secure-boot" for EFI boxes

Felipe Borges requested to merge wip/disable-secure-boot into main

This allows Boxes to boot EFI systems even when secure-boot is not supported by the environment.

This uses the newly introduced libvirt-glib gvir_config_domain_os_enable_firmware_feature API.

With this, users should be able to run GNOME OS and (soon) other EFI-only systems in the distro-packaged version of Boxes of their choice.

While the Flatpak version of Boxes currently handles well secure-boot, distros have not. Just a few distros support EFI and provide the proper environment for the virt stack that Boxes needs to boot EFI VMs consistently.

The distro-packaged version of Boxes runs without the constrains of the Flatpak sandbox, and can provide additional (useful) features such as USB redirection, Network Bridge, etc...

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