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    util-app: Do not fail VM creation if G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all is set · ad8c19dd
    Sid authored and Felipe Borges's avatar Felipe Borges committed
    When gnome-boxes is started with G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all env variable and
    gnome-boxes tries to create a VM, the "virsh" command output parsing
    by gnome-boxes fails, causing VM creation to fail. This is due to
    "virsh" command output being tainted by the following Glib/Gio debug
    message from "pkttyagent" process.
    (pkttyagent:7798): GLib-GIO-DEBUG: 20:29:15.366: Using
    cross-namespace EXTERNAL authentication (this will deadlock if server
    is GDBus < 2.73.3)
    We could possibly fix it by writing a custom log writer as suggested
    in #1007, and reroute the above message to stderr. But, this appears
    to be an overkill for this issue. Instead, we currently filter out the
    above error message from "virsh" command stdout.
    Fixes: #1007