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    Don't use obsolete macros. · d1a70549
    Krzesimir Nowak authored
    * autogen.sh: Warn about everything during autoreconf.
    * configure.ac: Replaced obsolete macros with their modern counterparts.
    * build/c_std.m4: Ditto.
    * build/cxx.m4: Ditto.
    * build/cxx_std.m4: Ditto.
    * build/sun.m4: Ditto.
    * build/macros.m4: Ditto. Removed all unused macros and renamed to...
    * build/debug.m4: ...this, because only macro for debugging refcount has
    * build/glibmm_check_perl.m4: Deleted. None of the macros there was used.
    * build/dk-feature.m4: Use AS_VAR_IF.
    * Makefile.am: Removed distribution of deleted m4 file.
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