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    Visual Studio builds: Rearrange build configs · e3ab6ab3
    Chun-wei Fan authored
    This is a follow-up commit for commit 82c2461e, where the default build is
    to use the PCRE that is installed in the system, if it is available and is
    not overridden with --with-internal-pcre.
    For Visual Studio builds, this means that the new 'Debug' and 'Release'
    configs will now use PCRE that is found on the system, which were renamed
    from the '*_ExtPCRE' configs; and that there are now 'Debug_BundledPCRE'
    and 'Release_BundledPCRE' configs which make use of the PCRE that is
    supplied with the GLib sources, which, replaces the former 'Debug' and
    'Release' configs.
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