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    win32/gwinhttpvfs.c win32/gwinhttpvfs.h win32/gwinhttpfile.c · 7261372b
    Tor Lillqvist authored
    2008-08-13  Tor Lillqvist  <tml@novell.com>
    	* win32/gwinhttpvfs.c
    	* win32/gwinhttpvfs.h
    	* win32/gwinhttpfile.c
    	* win32/gwinhttpfile.h
    	* win32/gwinhttpfileinputstream.c
    	* win32/gwinhttpfileinputstream.h
    	* win32/gwinhttpfileoutputstream.c
    	* win32/gwinhttpfileoutputstream.h: New files implementing
    	GWinHttpVfs and related classes, a GVfs for HTTP and HTTPS URIs on
    	Windows. The implementation uses the WinHttp API. Both reading and
    	writing are supported, i.e. GET and PUT requests. When writing,
    	each write call is done using a separate PUT request with a
    	Content-Range header. Requests for file URIs and plain pathnames
    	are forwarded to GLocalVfs.
    	* win32/winhttp.h: Reverse engineered <winhttp.h>, borrowed from
    	WINE. Used as there is no <winhttp.h> bundled with mingw, and
    	requiring people to download the Windows SDK just for this one
    	header is not reasonable.
    	* win32/Makefile.am: Add above files.
    	* giomodule.c: Call _g_winhttp_vfs_get_type() on Windows to set up
    	the plumbing for the above.
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