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    gio: don't accept nonstandard IPv4 "numbers-and-dots" addresses · 5575a3e9
    Dan Winship authored
    In addition to the standard "" format, there are numerous
    legacy IPv4 address formats (such as "192.168.257",
    "0xc0.0xa8.0x01.0x01", "0300.0250.0001.0001", "3232235777", and
    "0xc0a80101"). However, none of these forms are ever used any more
    except in phishing attempts. GLib wasn't supposed to be accepting
    these addresses (neither g_hostname_is_ip_address() nor
    g_inet_address_new_from_string() recognizes them), but getaddrinfo()
    accepts them, and so the parts of gio that use getaddrinfo()
    accidentally did accept those formats.
    Fix GNetworkAddress and GResolver to reject these address formats.
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