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    fileinfo: Add a G_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_STANDARD_IS_VOLATILE attribute · fa0f51dd
    Debarshi Ray authored
    This is meant for opaque, non-POSIX-like backends to indicate that the
    URI is not persistent. Applications should look at
    Examples of such backends could be a portal for letting sandboxed
    applications access the file-system, or a database-backed storage like
    Google Drive.
    In these cases, the user visible file and folder names are different
    from the real identifiers, used by the backend. So, a request to
    create google-drive://user@gmail.com/foo/New\ File, would actually
    lead to google-drive://user@gmail.com/foo/bar on the server even though
    the user visible name is still "New File". Since the server-defined URI
    is persistent and sanity-checked by the backend, it is recommended that
    applications switch to it as soon as possible. Backends will try to
    keep a mapping from "fake" to "real" URIs, but those are only on a
    best effort basis. They might not be persistent or have the same
    guarantees as the "real" URIs.
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