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    2007-12-10 15:08:59  Tim Janik  <timj@imendio.com>
            * let g_warn_if_fail replace g_assert as discussed here:
            * fix bug #502498: Test framework assertion failures should follow
            gcc error format.
            * gmessages.h, gmessages.c: deprecated g_assert_warning() which is
            unused now. removed g_assert*() definitions whcih are provided by 
            gtestutils.h now. added g_warn_if_reached() and g_warn_if_fail()  
            which are recommended as g_assert/g_assert_not_reached replacements
            for non-test programs.
            added g_warn_message() to implement g_warn_*() macros.
            use emacs-next-error friendly formatting for file:line: for warnings.
            * gtestutils.h, gtestutils.c: use emacs-next-error friendly formatting.
            implement g_assert_not_reached() with g_assertion_message() and
            g_assert() in terms of g_assertion_message_expr() so we'll be able to
            provide assertion messages in test logs.
            * gkeyfile.c, gbookmarkfile.c: changed g_assert*() to g_warn_if_fail()
            or g_return_if_fail() where suitable.
            * gio/: changed g_assert to g_warn_if_fail.
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