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    Drop binary checks when cross-compiling · 5ce70917
    Emmanuele Bassi authored
    We don't need to run binaries we just built in order to successfully
    build GLib and friends any more.
    Since commit b74e2a72, we don't need to run glib-genmarshal when building
    GIO; since commit f9eb9eed, all our tests (including the ones that do
    need to run binaries we just built) are only built when running "make
    check", instead of unconditionally at every build.
    This means that we don't need to check for existing, native binaries
    when cross-compiling, and fail the configuration step if they are not
    found — which also means that you don't need to natively build GLib for
    your toolchain, in order to cross-compile GLib.
    We can also use the cross-compilation conditional, and skip those tests
    that require a binary we just built in order to build.
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