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    Allow interaction when unmounting mounts · 99a1c473
    David Zeuthen authored
    For details, see bug 587482. The new api:
     - Provide new _with_operation() variants of all unmount and eject methods
     - Add GMountOperation::show-processes signal
       - this can be used to show processes blocking an unmount operation
     - Deprecate all unmount and eject methods
     - Add g_drive_can_start_degraded() method
       - this is to avoid auto-starting degraded drives
     - Make g_drive_stop() resp. g_file_stop_mountable() take a GMountOperation
       - these ops were recently added and not yet public API so it's fine
         to change how they work
     - Provide a way to poll mountable files, e.g. g_file_poll_mountable()
     - Add some missing file attributes for mountable files
        - needed for the GDU Nautilus extensions to format a volume
        - mimics g_drive_can_start_degraded()
        - mimics g_drive_can_poll_for_media()
        - mimics g_drive_is_media_check_automatic()
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