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    new slice allocator implementation. · 733b1789
    Tim Janik authored
    Thu Dec  1 17:32:46 2005  Tim Janik  <timj@imendio.com>
            * glib/gslice.[hc]: new slice allocator implementation.
            * tests/slice-test.c: added random slice allocation test.
            * glib/gthread.[hc]: removed newly added private thread mem API.
            * glib/gthreadinit.h:
            * glib/gmessages.c:
            * glib/gthread.c:
            * glib/gmem.c: divided glib threading initialisation into three phases,
            initialisation where private keys and messaging are not available (only
            needed by gmem.c), initialisation without messaging but private keys
            available (gslice.c, gmessage.c), and full fledged initialisers that
            server the rest of glib. initialisation functions got renamed to reflect
            the limitations of their corresponding phases.
            * glib/gmem.c: removed memchunk code, defer allocations to
            g_slice_* instead.
            * glib/gmem.[hc]: removed g_slice_* skeletons.
            * glib/glib.symbols: added g_slice_* symbols.
            * configure.in: check for availability of posix_memalign(3), memalign(3)
            and valloc(3).
            * glib/Makefile.am: added gslice.[hc].
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