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Overview of changes in GLib 2.66.7

  • Fix various regressions caused by rushed security fixes in 2.66.6 (work by Simon McVittie and Jan Alexander Steffens) (!1933, !1943)

  • Fix a silent integer truncation when calling g_byte_array_new_take() for byte arrays bigger than G_MAXUINT (work by Krzesimir Nowak) (!1944)

  • Disallow using currently-undefined D-Bus connection or server flags to prevent forward-compatibility problems with new security-sensitive flags likely to be released in GLib 2.68 (work by Simon McVittie) (!1945)

  • Bugs fixed:

    • !1933 [2.66] Fix regressions in 2.66.6 where negative gssize indicates strlen()
    • !1943 Backport !1941 “gkeyfilesettingsbackend: Fix basename handling when group is unset” to glib-2-66
    • !1944 Backport !1942 “gbytearray: Do not accept too large byte arrays” to glib-2-66
    • !1945 Backport !1934 “gdbus: Reject attempts to set future connection or server flags” to glib-2-66