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girepository: Update gir-compiler and use it to compile GIRs

Evan Welsh requested to merge ewlsh/gir-compiler into main

Builds on !3797 (merged) to support !3746

Adapt gir-compiler sources to compile against the updated libgirepository that is included with GLib.

This also renames "g-ir-compiler" to "gir-compiler" to avoid overwriting the existing binary and to simplify the binary name going forward.

Open questions

  1. What to name the binary

The previous suggestion was g-ir-compiler2 but I would be in favor of using this opportunity to make the binary name more obvious/clear: gir-compiler, gir-compile, gircompile, girc, etc.

  1. Do we want to keep the "sanity check" that hardcodes current blob sizes?

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