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tests: Don't test --external-data with toolchains that can't do the setup

Simon McVittie requested to merge wip/smcv/issue3226 into main

There are several reasons why we might not be able to do the test setup for --external-data: non-Linux platform, missing ld or objcopy, objcopy doesn't support --add-symbol, or the CPU family is MIPS (on which cc -r does not necessarily emit the specific MIPS ABI flavour that we are targeting, for example different functionality levels or different NaN encodings).

If we can't link in the test data, then obviously this test is not going to pass. It was already skipped on non-Linux, but not on platforms that hit one of the other reasons for the test setup to fail.

In particular, this test failed on Debian mips64el since commit 81059169, which stopped linking the necessary resource on MIPS platforms, but continued to assert that the resource is present at runtime.

Fixes: 81059169 "GIO/tests: skip test_resources_binary on MIPS platform" Resolves: #3226 (closed)

Closes #3226 (closed)

Edited by Philip Withnall

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