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gprintf/gstrfuncs: Improve and port doc comments to gi-docgen

Matthijs Velsink requested to merge velsinki/glib:improve-documentation into main

This fixes many things from the port to gi-docgen, but also improves documentation more generally.

Main improvements/fixes:

  • Fix links to functions, constants, etc.
  • Rewrite code syntax to work with Markdown
  • Reduce indentation (do not indent by 4 to prevent code blocks)
  • Remove redundant text such as "can be NULL" or "should be freed"
  • Move text from large return info texts to main function text
  • Add missing punctuation
  • Try to improve consistency between docs for similar functions
  • Annotate Strv input arguments better

Helps: #3037 (closed)

I realize this is quite big, but once you start to read a large amount of documentation in one go you realize there are some inconsistencies. This also improves that.

I have been chatting a bit on Matrix with Emmanuele, he helped me a bit on what is needed and some general guidelines, thanks!

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