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Add Hurd code owners

Sergey Bugaev requested to merge bugaevc/glib:hurd-codeowners into main

As suggested in !3626 (comment 1863616), this adds myself and @sthibaul as contacts for the Hurd-specific code.

I am a Hurd / glibc contributor who also happens to be a part of the GNOME community, knows a tiny little bit about GObject, and sometimes does GTK contributions. I build glib/GTK/libadwaita on GNU/Hurd every now and then. I'm interested in keeping glib (and GTK etc) working great on the Hurd 🙂

@sthibaul is the lead developer / de facto maintainer of the Hurd.

I'm listing myself first, since @sthibaul has little time, and is happy to delegate the responsibility. (Please let me know if you would like to not be listed at all).

Do I also need to add new entries to glib.doap? !2755 (merged) seems to indicate that yes, !3418 (merged) seems to indicate that no.

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