Backport !3482 “glocalfileinfo: Fix incorrect use of struct statx.st_mtimensec on Android” to glib-2-76

GLocalFileStat is a platform-specific abstraction around struct stat or struct statx. If struct statx is available, it will use that by preference as it has more features.

glocalfileinfo.c was, in some places, incorrectly accessing the fields of GLocalFileStat directly rather than through its _g_stat_*() getters. While it correctly accounted for the platform-specific differences between st_mtimensec and st_mtim.tv_nsec, it hadn’t been updated to deal with stx_mtime.

On Android, st_mtimensec is defined as a fallback for st_mtim.tv_nsec (even though it doesn’t need to be). This caused GLib to take the st_mtimensec code path rather than the stx_mtime code path, and hence try to dereference st_mtim in a struct statx.

Fix that by correctly using the _g_stat_*() getters consistently.

Signed-off-by: Philip Withnall

Fixes: #3039 (closed)

Trivial backport of !3482 (merged) to glib-2-76.

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