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Improve g_module_open(), deprecate G_MODULE_SUFFIX

Nirbheek Chauhan requested to merge nirbheek/gmodule-suffix-deprecation into main

G_MODULE_SUFFIX is deprecated now because you will get the wrong results using it most of the time:

  1. The suffix on macOS is usually dylib, but it's so when using Autotools, so there's no way to get the suffix correct using a pre-processor macro.
  2. Prefixes also vary in a platform-specific way. You may or may not have a lib prefix for the name on Windows and on Cygwin the prefix is cyg.
  3. The library name itself can vary per platform. For instance, you may want to load foo-1.dll on Windows and libfoo.1.dylib on macOS. This is for libraries, not modules, but that is still a use-case that people use the GModule API for.

g_module_build_path() does take care of (2) on Cygwin, but it fundamentally cannot handle the possibility of multiple options for the module name, since it does not do any I/O. Hence, it is also deprecated.

Instead, g_module_open() has been improved so that it takes care of all this by searching the filesystem for combinations of possible suffixes and prefixes on each platform. Along the way, the documentation for it was also improved to make it clearer what it does.

Closes #520 (closed)

Closes #1413 (closed)

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