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tests: Fix a flaky wait in converter-stream

Philip Withnall requested to merge wip/pwithnall/test-converter-stream-fail into main

Rather than waiting for a fixed period of time, poll in a loop until the condition the test is expecting is true.

A better solution would be to use a GSource and wait until that’s dispatched. But doing so might affect the behaviour of the GInputStream under test, so busy-wait instead.

Fixes this CI failure:

(some socket debug output)
Bail out! GLib-GIO:ERROR:../gio/tests/converter-stream.c:1037:test_converter_pollable: assertion failed (res == -1): (1 == -1)

I could not reproduce the failure remotely with a few hundred invocations of the test, so it might only present itself on BSD, which presumably has different socket timing behaviour from Linux.

Signed-off-by: Philip Withnall

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