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giochannel: Fix length_size bounds check

Jan Alexander Steffens requested to merge heftig/glib:giochannel-check into master
  • giochannel: Fix length_size bounds check

    From: @heftig

    The inverted condition is an obvious error introduced by ecdf9140.

    Fixes #2323 (closed)

  • io-channel test: Add coverage for g_io_channel_set_line_term(., ., -1)

    From: @smcv

  • giochannel: Don't store negative line_term_len in GIOChannel struct

    From: @smcv

    Adding test coverage indicated that this was another bug in 0cc11f74.

    Fixes: 0cc11f74 "giochannel: Forbid very long line terminator strings"
    Resolves: #2323 (closed)

This is a regression in 2.66.6 and 2.67.3.

Edited by Simon McVittie

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