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    removed dummy structure definitions for struct _GCache, _GTree, _GTimer, · a6149403
    Tor Lillqvist authored
    Tue Oct 27 03:00:50 1998  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
            * glib.h: removed dummy structure definitions for struct _GCache,
            _GTree, _GTimer, _GMemChunk, _GListAllocator and _GStringChunk.
            * gutils.c: implement glib's inline functions _after_ all include
            statements have been processed.
            removed Tor's MAXPATHLEN check since there already was one supplied
            further down in this file.
            (LibMain): special cased the #ifdef __LCC__ case for NATIVE_WIN32,
            since lcc maybe used on other platforms as well. why in hell is this
            stuff required?
            (g_get_any_init): for windows, if the user name is supplied, use it as
            realname also.
            in general, if there is no homedir specified, use the tmpdir that
            we already figured.
            * gtimer.c (g_timer_elapsed): changed a g_assert() statement to
            * applied glib-tml-981020-0.patch for WIN32 portability, added some
            comments and g_return_if_fail() statements, minor indentation fixes.
            ChangeLog entry from Tor Lillqvist is appended.
            * glib.h (struct dirent): use lower case structure members.
            * glib.h:
            * makefile.lcc:
            * makefile.msc:
    1998-10-20: Tor Lillqvist <tml@iki.fi>
            * README.win32 glib.def gmodule.def
            * glibconfig.h.win32 gmodule/gmoduleconf.h.win32:
            New files for the Windows port. The .def files list exported
            symbols for the Microsoft linker and compatibles.
            * configure.in:
            Added checks for some platform-dependent headers: pwd.h sys/param.h
            sys/select.h sys/time.h sys/times.h unistd.h, and the function lstat.
            * gerror.c:
            Conditionalized inclusion of system-dependent headers. Changes
            for Windows: no gdb to do a stack trace. Just call abort().
            * glib.h:
            Changes for Windows:
            Added macros G_DIR_SEPARATOR, G_DIR_SEPARATOR_S for
            platform-dependent file name syntax elements. Added macros
            platform-dependent search path syntax conventions.
            Added pragmas for Microsoft C to make it more pedantic.
            Marked GLib's global variables for export from DLL.
            Added the function g_strescape that escapes backslashes.
            Added functions g_path_is_absolute and g_path_skip_root to
            handle platform-dependent file name syntax.
            Added the function g_getenv that expands environment variables
            that contain references to other environment variables, as is
            typical on Windows NT.
            Added the GIOChannel structure which is used to encapsulate the
            IPC mechanism used by the GIMP's plug-ins, and possibly other
            things later. On Unix a GIOChannel encapsulates just a file
            descriptor. On Windows it contains a file handle from _pipe() and a
            few other things related to the implementation of gdk_input_add
            and GIMP plug-in communication. Subject to change.
            Removed duplicate declarations of the version variables.
            For the Microsoft compiler, declare own implementation of
            ftruncate and the <dirent.h> functions.
            * gmem.c:
            Define a symbolic name  for the profiling table size.
            * gmessages.c:
            Conditionalized inclusion of unistd.h. On Windows, output using
            stdio to stdout.
            * gscanner.c:
            Conditionalized inclusion of unistd.h. Added changes for
            Microsoft C. Added CR to the skipped character set. Added small
            workaround for MSC compiler bug in g_scanner_cur_value.
            * gstrfuncs.c:
            Added the function g_strescape, which escapes the backslash
            character. Needed especially when printing Windows filenames.
            * gtimer.c:
            Conditionalized inclusion of unistd.h and sys/time.h. Added
            implementations for Windows.
            * gutils.c:
            Conditionalized inclusion of platform-dependent headers. Use
            the platform-independent file name syntax macros.
            Conditionalize code on platform-dependent features. Added the
            functions g_path_is_absolute g_path_skip_root and g_getenv.
            Added the GIOChannel-related functions. Added
            compiler-dependent Unix compatibility functions for Windows.
            * makefile.lcc makefile.msc:
            New files. Compiler-specific makefiles for LCC-Win32 and
            Microsoft C. Only Microsoft C is actually supported currently.
            * testglib.c:
            Added pathname check cases for Windows. Added workaround for
            bug in the Microsoft runtime library. Improved some tests a bit.
    Tue Oct 27 04:00:11 1998  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
            * testgmodule.c (main): changed the #ifdef WIN32 test to NATIVE_WIN32,
            this needs to be more constistent throughout the code, do we go for
            NATIVE_WIN32 or WIN32?
            * gmodule.c (LibMain): special cased the #ifdef __LCC__ case for
            NATIVE_WIN32, since lcc maybe used on other platforms as well.
            * libgplugin_a.c (LibMain):
            * libgplugin_b.c (LibMain):
            likewise. not sure i like this special requirement for lcc in here.
            * gmodule-dl.c (_g_module_build_path):
            feature empty "" directories and prepend the module name with "lib".
            * gmodule-dld.c (_g_module_build_path):
            * gmodule-win32.c (_g_module_build_path):
            feature empty "" directories.
            * we need some more magic in the _g_module_build_path variants
            so we don't append/prepend lib and .so, .sl or .dll for those names
            that already contain it.
            * applied patch from Tor Lillqvist for g_module_build_path() and
            windows support.
    1998-10-20: Tor Lillqvist <tml@iki.fi>
            * gmodule/gmodule-win32.c:
            New file.
            * gmodule/gmodule.c gmodule/gmodule.h:
            Added the funcion g_module_build_path that builds the path to
            a module file, decorating the name according to the system's
            conventions.  Added the Windows implementation.
            * gmodule/libgplugin_a.c gmodule/libgplugin_b.c:
            Added LibMain for LCC-Win32.
            * gmodule/testgmodule.c:
            Handle Windows dll names.
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