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    fixed dealing with collection/lcopy of NULL values. · e773d7db
    Tim Janik authored
    Mon Dec 11 04:44:11 2000  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
    	* gboxed.c: fixed dealing with collection/lcopy of NULL values.
    	* gclosure.h: removed insane ramblings, added G_CALLBACK() a casting
    	convenience macro.
    	* Makefile.am: cleanups, marshaller generation rules.
    	* gmarshal.[hc]: new files with GRuntime standard marshallers.
    	* glib-genmarshal.c: fix log domain, support gruntime standard
    	marshallers, suport G_TYPE_PARAM, come with extern "C" and
    	#include gmarshal.h.
    	* glib-genmarshal.1: reflect glib-genmarshal.c updates.
    	* gobject.[hc]: implement object constructor. rework parameter
    	changed notification queueing, we support queue freezes now and
    	don't dispatch from an idle handler anymore.
    	parameter->property rename hassle.
    	implemented ::properties_changed and ::notify::* signals for
    	property change notification (the later supports property names
    	as details). added signal connection and named data properties.
    	(g_signal_connect_object): new function to setup while_alive
    	(g_object_class_install_property): sink properties now, since they
    	are initially floating.
    	(g_object_get_data): set/get data by using g_datalist_*() functions
    	(g_object_queue_param_changed): nuked.
    	(g_object_freeze_notify): start queueing of property changes (freeze/
    	thaw calls stack).
    	(g_object_notify): announce changes of a certain property directly.
    	(g_object_thaw_notify): process queue of property changes, therefore
    	emitting GObject::notify::detail with detail being the changed
    	properties names.
    	(G_OBJECT_WARN_INVALID_PROPERTY_ID): saner macro variant of former
    	* gparam.[hc]: param specs are now initially floating and need to be
    	sunken with g_param_spec_sink(), support G_TYPE_PARAM values.
    	added G_PARAM_CONSTRUCT and G_PARAM_CONSTRUCT_ONLY parameter flags,
    	required by GObjectClass.constructor().
    	* gparamspecs.[hc]: added GParamSpecParam, GParamSpecPointer and
    	GParamSpecCCallback, param specs for G_TYPE_PARAM, G_TYPE_POINTER
    	and G_TYPE_CCALLBACK respectively.
    	* gsignal.[hc]: cleanups.
    	(signal_id_lookup): after walking the anchestry, try interfaces as well.
    	(g_signal_new): new function to create signals from varargs type list.
    	(g_signal_connect_closure): closure connection variant that works from
    	signal name+detail.
    	(g_signal_connect_data): c handler connection variant that works from
    	signal name+detail.
    	(g_signal_emit_valist): emit signal for an instance with paraneters
    	collected from a va_list.
    	(g_signal_emit): emit signal, taking parameters from varargs list.
    	(g_signal_emit_by_name): same as g_signal_emit, working from
    	signal name+detail.
    	(signal_emit_R): return whether return_value needs to be altered.
    	* gtype.[hc]: set log-domain to GRuntime, i'm slowly getting to all
    	the points that need to reflect the upcoming rename.
    	melt g_type_conforms_to() functionality into g_type_is_a(), as that
    	is what we really want (liskov substitution principle).
    	assorted changes to other files due to conforms_to->is_a.
    	* gvalue.[hc]: implemented g_value_set_instance() that sets a value
    	from an instantiatable type via the value_table's collect_value()
    	function (based on an idea from James Henstridge <james@daa.com.au>).
    	* gvaluetypes.[hc]: implement G_TYPE_CCALLBACK and G_TYPE_PARAM.
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