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    Add performance tests for GObject primitives · b1f94af0
    Alexander Larsson authored
    These are basic performance test for a couple of basic gobject
    * construction of simple objects. Simple is a bare gobject derived
      class with no properties, signals or interfaces.
    * construction of complex objects. Complex is a gobject subclass
      with construct properties, normal properties, signals, and
      implements an interface.
    * run-time type check of complex objects
    * signal emissions
    Lots of care is taken to try to make the results reproducible. Each
    test is run for multible "rounds", where we try to make each round be
    "not too short" in order to be significant wrt timer accuracy, but
    also "not to long" to make the probability of some other random event
    happening on the system (interrupts, other process scheduled, etc)
    during the round less likely.
    The current target round time is 4 msecs, which was picked without
    rigour, but seems small wrt e.g. scheduler time.
    For each test we then run the calculated round size for 60 seconds,
    and then report the performance based on the minimal time of one
    round. The model here is that any random stuff that happens during a
    round can only slow it down, there is nothing that can make it go
    faster, so the minimal time is the best estimate of how fast one round
    The result is not ideal, even on a "idle" system the results vary
    from round to round, but the variation seems to be less than 1%.
    So, any performance difference reported by this test over 1% is
    probably statistically significant.
    Additionally the tests can be run with or without threads being
    initialized. The script tests/gobject/run-performance.sh makes
    it easy to produce a performance report for the current checkout.
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