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    When the sublangid is SUBLANG_DEFAULT, return the locale of the language's · 34462896
    Bruno Haible authored
    2001-09-24  Bruno Haible  <haible@clisp.cons.org>
    	* glib/gwin32.c (g_win32_getlocale): When the sublangid is
    	SUBLANG_DEFAULT, return the locale of the language's main country,
    	not a country-neutral locale. E.g. "en_US" instead of "en". Add
    	(China == CN, CH == Switzerland). Ignore empty environment
    	variable values.
    2001-09-28  Tor Lillqvist  <tml@iki.fi>
    	* glib/makefile.{mingw,msc}.in: Add localcharset.o. Just copy the
    	source file from libcharset and compile in this directory.
    	* glib/giochannel.c: Mark rest of g_set_error strings for
    	translation, too.
    	* glib/giowin32.c: Add some debugging output functions, call them
    	when debugging.
    	(create_events, g_io_win32_msg_write): Free message fetched with
    	g_win32_error_message ().
    	(g_io_win32_check): Indentation fixes.
    	(g_io_win32_fd_read,g_io_win32_sock_read): Don't always return
    	G_IO_STATUS_NORMAL. Do return G_IO_STATUS_EOF if we got 0 bytes,
    	like on Unix. This helps making the test programs run
    	* glib/gmain.c (g_poll): Return the code ifdeffed out with
    	TEST_WITHOUT_THIS. Can't remember why it was ifdeffed out. Things
    	seem to work as previously with the code in place. Especially
    	spawn-test didn't work with the code ifdeffed out (Bug#61067).
    	* glib/grand.c (g_rand_new): Don't try to use /dev/urandom unless
    	on Unix.
    	* glib/gspawn-win32-helper.c (WinMain): Remove Sleep(10000)
    	accidentally left in.
    2001-09-28  Tor Lillqvist  <tml@iki.fi>
    	* gthread-win32.c: Use an extra level of indirection for GMutex.
    	It is now a pointer either to a pointer to a CRITICAL_SECTION
    	struct, or to a mutex HANDLE. This is needed in case the user
    	defines G_ERRORCHECK_MUTEXES. G_MUTEX_SIZE must correctly reflect
    	the size of *GMutex, but this used to vary depending on whether we
    	at run-time chose to use CRITICAL_SECTIONs or mutexes.
    	(g_mutex_free_win32_cs_impl, g_cond_free_win32_impl): Call
    	DeleteCriticalSection() when done with it.
    	* gthread-impl.c (g_thread_init_with_errorcheck_mutexes): Call
    	g_thread_impl_init() before accessing
    	g_thread_functions_for_glib_use_default, as the
    	g_thread_impl_init() function might modify it.
    2001-09-28  Tor Lillqvist  <tml@iki.fi>
    	* POTFILES.in: Add iochannel.c and giowin32.c.
    	* sv.po: Remove a bogus fuzziness indicator.
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