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    gdbusaddress, win32: don't rely on short names · 066ce387
    Vasily Galkin authored
    Closes: GNOME/glib#1566
    Short names were used in win32 implementation to allow launching
    on installations where full path to libgio-2.0-0.dll contain spaces.
    However, short names are optional on windows: so if they were disabled
    that method fails - see issue linked above.
    Since rundll32 doesn't support neither spaces, nor quotes in cmdline
    this patch changes rundll32 argument to just .\gio-dll-name.dll
    and uses the entire path directory containing gio dll as rundll32
    current directory.
    Added comments informing about potential subtleties discovered during
    writing test for gdbusaddress on win32.
    There are not known to have real-world user-visible effect,
    so by now I'm only adding comments without creating issues.
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