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    2008-01-15 Juan Pablo Ugarte juanpablougarte@gmail.com> · cd19e5bb
    Yang Hong authored
    	* src/glade-window.c:
    	  o set palette a default size
    	  o do not set desing/editor paned position since by default the window is
    2008-01-15  Ivan Baldo ibaldo@adinet.com.uy
    	* gladeui/glade-palette-expander.c: fixed bug #495853
    	  "palette takes up too much space"
    2008-01-15  Yang Hong <hongyang@redflag-linux.com>
    	* gladeui/glade-project.c: fixed bug #504603
    	  "crash while open .glade file from command line arg"
    2008-01-15  Cosimo Cecchi <anarki@lilik.it>
    	* gladeui/glade-editor.c: Fixed bug #388869
    	  "Property edits dropped due to bad focus-event handling"
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=1674
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