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    - Added Drag/Resize button in the toolbar · 3a903cdd
    Tristan Van Berkom authored
    	* src/glade-project-window.c: 
    	  - Added Drag/Resize button in the toolbar
    	* gladeui/glade-design-layout.c: More reliable pointer handling
    	* gladeui/glade-app.c: New pointer-mode property
    	* gladeui/glade-fixed.c, gladeui/glade-placeholder.c, gladeui/glade-palette.c:
    	  Use pointer-mode to set pointer interaction mode
    	* gladeui/glade-builtins.c: Added trailing end marker on the stock list
    	  enum paramspec.
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=1368
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