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    Bug 777589 - explains GIF animation's minimum framerate. · e83383c3
    Jehan authored
    Though we display the frame delay as milliseconds, it is actually stored
    as unsigned centiseconds in GIF. This means that displaying milliseconds
    can be misleading since we round every value to tens and it also means
    that 10ms is the lower delay allowed. This limitation is in the GIF
    Other animation formats may not have this limitation and we try and keep
    consistent export UIs. Also the layer tagging for animation uses "ms"
    syntax. So I just keep the delay entry as ms, but sets a lower allowed
    value and makes it "snaps to ticks" (i.e. snaps to 10 ms increments).
    Finally I add a tooltip to the field saying "GIF supports hundredths of
    a second precision."
    Hopefully this should make things clearer and not mislead people about
    what the GIF format allows.
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