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    [ I've postponed my reservations against pangoft2/fontconfig/freetype2 · 1baa2d45
    Hans Breuer authored
    2003-12-12  Hans Breuer  <hans@breuer.org>
    	 I've postponed my reservations against pangoft2/fontconfig/freetype2
    	 usage, so The Gimp should now build with msvc without patching it.
    	* app/makefile.msc app/text/makefile.msc : use $(PANGOFT2_CFLAGS) etc.
    	* libgimpthumb/makefile.msc : (new file)
    	* makefile.msc : added libgimpthumb
    	* libgimpthumb/gimpthumbnail.c : include gimpwin32-io.h
    	* libgimpthumb/gimpthumb-utils.c : don't compare size pointer
    	with GIMP_THUMB_SIZE_FAIL but *size
    	* plug-ins/makefile.msc : handle libgimpoldpreview
    	* plug-ins/common/decompose.c : define cbrt() if not __GLIBC__
    	* plug-ins/common/winclipboard.c : make it compile without gimpcompat.h
    	* plug-ins/imagemap/imagemap_csim_lex.c : its a generated file
    	but still win32/msvc has no unistd.h
    	* plug-ins/pygimp/makefile.msc : (new file) to use the binary you
    	need to patch glib, see bug #98737
    	* plug-ins/libgimpoldpreview.c : use <libgimp/gimp.h> instead of "gimp.h"
    	* **/Makefile.am : added makefile.msc to EXTRA_DIST
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