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    app: remove "Edit -> Fade..." · ed7ea51f
    Ell authored
    This commit completely removes the "Edit -> Fade..." feature,
    - The main reason is that "fade" requires us to keep two buffers,
      instead of one, for each fadeable undo step, doubling (or worse,
      since the extra buffer might have higher precision than the
      drawable) the space consumed by these steps.  This has notable
      impact when editing large images.  This overhead is incurred even
      when not actually using "fade", and since it seems to be very
      rarely used, this is too wasteful.
    - "Fade" is broken in 2.10: when comitting a filter, we copy the
      cached parts of the result into the apply buffer.  However, the
      result cache sits after the mode node, while the apply buffer
      should contain the result of the filter *before* the mode node,
      which can lead to wrong results in the general case.
    - The same behavior can be trivially achieved "manually", by
      duplicating the layer, editing the duplicate, and changing its
    - If we really want this feature, now that most filters are GEGL
      ops, it makes more sense to just add opacity/mode options to the
      filter tool, instead of having this be a separate step.
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