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    Bug 796014 - Cannot open some older .xcf files made with 2.8.22 in 2.10. · 66db1435
    Jehan authored
    To avoid an infinite loop, gimp_item_linked_is_locked() was temporarily
    unlinking items before calling gimp_item_is_position_locked(). This
    worked only based on gimp_item_real_is_position_locked() code which
    called gimp_item_linked_is_locked() only when it was linked. It did not
    take into account the fact that it was an abstract method which could
    have other implementations. In particular the group layer implementation
    would call in turn gimp_item_is_position_locked() on each child layer.
    Basically temporarily unsetting the link was anyway a very ugly hack.
    The point is simply that we are only interested by the value of the
    `lock_position` flag for this item, without further "intelligence". For
    this, use gimp_item_get_lock_position() instead.
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