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    app: use GimpObjectQueue in lots of places · 139a2345
    Ell authored
    Use GimpObjectQueue, added in the previous commit, in various
    instances where we perform an action on a set of objects.  This
    improves progress reporting, by using a single progress for the
    entire operation, rather than reporting the progress of each object
    individually, and by taking the relative cost of each object into
    account, instead of assuming a uniform cost for all objects.
    In particular, this affects the various whole-image operations
    (i.e., transformations and color conversions), operations on linked
    items, and operations on layer groups.  This also affects layers
    with masks, whose progress is now reported together instead of
    Additionally, this commit fixes erroneous group-layer mask cropping
    during undo when resizing the image, by properly calling
    {start,end}_move() on all the resized layers before starting the
    operation, and when scaling the image, by only scaling top-level
    layers, and letting group layers scale their children themselves.
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